Monday, September 24, 2007

The rest of our time in Vegas.....

was spent partying with other Kings fans before the Frozen Fury game on Saturday. I love the fact that Memory Trends was the same week so we only had to make one trip.
We missed this last year when we were in Europe and were supposed to miss it this year to be in Hawaii. With the business and the new baby, we stayed home.
So, what do the cool Kings fans look like?

Thats my friend Mandy in her Avs Suck jersey. She's been wearing that every year now. The Avs fans hate it.

And of course, there were about 3 Duck fans that felt the need to show up. Not sure why. We made them feel welcome. :) Actually, we didn't. :0

You can see more pictures HERE.

We took Nicholas to the Shark Reef at Mandalay. He made friends with the alligator.

And we had dinner at Hofbrauhaus - the annual get together for the Kings fans on Friday night. This year, the celebrity beer tapper was Neil Diamond. Yes, THE Neil Diamond. I thought he was an impersonator but this was the real thing. He had the entire place singing Sweet Caroline and standing on the tables with beer steins in hand.

Speaking of beer steins, my husband HAD to get the 34 oz Stein. This is German Beer so the alcohol content was just a tad bit higher than the American Beer. 6.5% to be exact. I had to drive back to the hotel.

Oh yeah..... WE WON!!!!!!!!!!

Dustin Brown scored the winning goal in the shootout. It was great to start the season with friends we've made at the games in the past. Frozen Fury is always the annual start of the season for us, even if it is a pre-season game. It has a playoff game atmosphere.

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Christy said...

sounds like a great time!! and the baby is soooo cute!!